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28 Mai 2002
Hier mal ein Bericht von Newswire aus dem Jahre 2004:
(Leider in Englisch)

14:15 21Oct2004 ACTIVSKIN Brings Protection Against Sand Flies to Our Soldiers; Pantyhose for

ACTIVSKIN Brings Protection Against Sand Flies to Our Soldiers;
Pantyhose for Our Soldiers in the Middle East! Seriously?
GRANVILLE, Ohio, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Yes, it's true! Our soldiers in
Iraq have had to rely on women's nylons to protect themselves against nasty,
disease-carrying sand flies. Letters home to wives, girlfriends, sisters and
mothers pleaded, "Please send pantyhose! Seriously!" Heeding this call,
thousands of pairs of pantyhose were shipped to the Middle East in "Care
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Unfortunately, nearly all styles of pantyhose sold in drug and department
stores are uncomfortable for men because they are just not designed for them.
The legs are too short, the waistband is too high on the torso, and there is
insufficient room for the male anatomy. Thankfully, there is a better solution
- ACTIVSKIN Performance Wear for men.
ACTIVSKIN is the creation of G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd., Granville, Ohio,
who realized that men needed the benefits that women's tights and pantyhose
offer, but needed a more comfortable and healthier alternative than actually
wearing women's legwear. They designed five lines of opaque tights and sheer
legwear (they don't call it pantyhose, but you get the idea) specifically for
ACTIVSKIN's unique body-contouring fabric really does provide a barrier to
insects, it prevents chafing under the uniform, and it provides thermal
insulation. It affords good compression, and although it is less than
medical/surgical grade hosiery, many customers have indicated that the level
of compression is perfect for them. They have reported reduced swelling,
improved circulation, increased endurance, and energized leg muscles --
allowing them to stand or sit still longer, with less fatigue, less pain, and
less discomfort. The "male comfort front panel" effectively accommodates male
anatomy. Moreover, compared to medical/surgical hosiery, ACTIVSKIN does not
itch, it is easy to put on and take off, and it is inexpensive. At a retail
cost under $16 and with a hefty 20% military discount, it is much more
affordable than competitive brands like Under Armour and Cool Max.
For the same benefits, ACTIVSKIN is used by athletes, hunters, law
enforcement, construction workers, and men that rely being on their feet all
day, such as surgeons, retailers, and machinists. ACTIVSKIN is available
exclusively on the Internet at
Visit their website for more information, a complete list of product
styles and their benefits, testimonials from military personnel, and prior
press releases.
Contact: Sebastian Ibel: 614-280-0662
SOURCE G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd.
-0- 10/21/2004

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das wäre doch echt super!
dann haben unsere soldaten mal was modisches unter den hosen.
wenn ich da noch an die langen grünen denke.*kopfschüttel*